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Beat. & WLR FM

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Beat 102103 and WLR FM are radio stations from Ireland.

They are similar to BreakingNews, also use PublisherPlus for content and render them with a custom HTML plugin.

Both apps are from one code base, using environment variables and flavors to build two variants. From app logo to theming, API URLs to Google Ad Units, all come from environment files to generate two apps from one codebase.

On top of displaying news, it has a page where you can look for jobs nearby and schedule for their radio. You can listen to live radio and podcasts. It also has all other podcast player features, such as seeking audio, adding new podcasts to the queue, or removing them. Its audio service registers the audio within the operating system so you can access control like next, play/pause from the notifications panel or control center in iOS.

Uses Firebase Cloud Messaging for notifications, which can open a specific article when notification received. Uses Google ads for monetization.